Saturday, February 21, 2009

What about PEPSI?

Weeks ago I started to notice all the negative feedback the new Pepsi logo has in the design realm.Sso, I investigated some sources and found that someone took lot of time trying to explain why the logo looks like a happy face drawn by a 5 year old kid.

In this link you'll find a pdf presentation of the "BREATHTAKING Design Strategy" (as they call it). Read more below.

Image above from the Arnell Group BREATHTAKING Design Strategy

Pepsi logo Satire by Lawrence Yang.

Note from NeuBlack:

When we walked into the grocery store a few weeks back and saw that Pepsi had new labels and a new logo we raised ourselves an eyebrow and moved on. Over the next week we chuckled to ourselves as we saw Sierra Mist, Tropicana, and several other Pepsi brands had received a similar (ahem) makeover.

But after we saw the BREATHTAKING Design Strategy guide the Arnell Group did to explain the new Pepsi logo we just about fell over and giggled ourselves to death.
Kudos to the Arnell for being able to sell such a tremendous farce to to Pepsi Co. Just curious, did you have your interns put this thing together the night before your presentation or what? You guys have some serious Jedi mind trick shit going on if Pepsi paid 200M for this with a smile.

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