Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet Karim Hommos: Design with tooth!

I met this guy at DeviantART years ago and when I saw his work, it blew my mind. Now I want the readers to know him. I contacted him days ago, talked via e-mail about posting some of his work here at the lab, he agreed, gave me a short bio and some links to his work. Read what he told me about him and his work.
K: Well, my name is Karim Hommos, a 27 y.o. Dentist from Alexandria, Egypt, I appreciate art a lot since I was too young, first used Photoshop 11 years ago, I designed a lot of ads, company logos, shared in many international congresses here in Egypt, but I do all this for free, cause it's just a hobby, i earn money from working as a dentist.

3 years ago i had a sever emotional shock, which was very complicated, it was the worst days in my life ever, i put all my negative power into surreal art pieces, were every surreal piece of mine tells what's inside me, my art was my story.. i think that's why people loved 'em, because it's so true and it touched their feelings.

My most famous piece is "together forever" (below) were it it tells how should the perfect love be, and u can find it in many blogs:

Then comes:
A World Out Of Tears


For more, visit DeviantART

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