Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vinçon Objectbags

Vinçon sells house­ware design products as well as personal items. The aim was to design shopping bags that emphasize an always­keen spirit by mixing classic and current objects in an amusing, ironic way. We intended to convert some of these objects into objectbags, using illustrations that expand out of the limits of the paper as handles, such as an umbrella, a cage with a bird, a watering can, a pasta strainer, a handbag, a teapot. These designs demonstrate the curious and entertaining approach of the brand, sharing this idea with whoever carries the bag or looks at it.

|AIGA deisgn archives- Colection [ (2008) AIGA 365: 29 ] - Package design- |
Design Firm: Ena Cardenal de la Nuez (Madrid, Spain)

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