Sunday, February 14, 2010

Start a high school design/build program in rural North Carolina. (Project H Design)

About Project H Design

Project H Design is a nonprofit team of designers and builders engaging locally to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked. Our long-term initiatives focus on using design to improve public education experiences, spaces, and curricula in the US.

Studio H Overview

Studio H will be a 1-year high school curriculum for the Bertie County School District in rural North Carolina that combines design thinking, vocational trade training, and community citizenship to equip low-opportunity teenagers with critical creative problem solving skills for life. Over 2 semesters (Fall/Spring), students will collaborate to design, develop, and prototype a built community project (i.e. bus shelters for the school bus system, a co-op greenhouse, or a public park). The following summer, they will be offered paid summer jobs to actually construct the project. Studio H will empower students through team-based hands-on learning, engage educational capacities to the fullest, and provide a diverse skillset for the next generation to access new job markets, improve their community and excel academically in the state's poorest and most racially polarized county. $50,000 will allow us to build out a shop space and pay for the first year's construction materials.


To cultivate a culture of creative capital in a struggling economy.

To provide a hands-on learning path for low-performing students.

To teach design and vocational skills as creative problem solving.

To activate a poor and rural community through high school service.

To complete real-world, built projects with high school students.

To support this initiative go to PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT website and vote. The top ten Ideas will obtain a US$50,000 price.

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