Thursday, October 07, 2010

Timba Smits: That Vintage Guy.

Graphic designer, artist, illustrator, Melbourne born, based in London. Lover of all things vintage or ‘old looking’ and loves to keep busy.

Most commonly though, Timba is known for founding one of the world’s art communities best kept secrets…Wooden Toy Quarterly: the only quarterly boogazine (half book half magazine) that comes out once per year, and proud of it! Wooden Toy is not only a publication worth collecting for its design alone, but for its aim to document and highlight emerging and established creatives that have in some way been influenced by contemporary culture, design and art while drawing in the creatives that Timba thinks can be, and are, an influence or inspiration to others
I personally had de honor to meet Timba Smits last week when he was invited as a guest lecturer at Shillington College Sydney where I'm a curret student. And later then at the lauch of issue 7 of Wooden Toy Quarterly next day here in Sydney, too.

Just one thing left to say... Timba, You rock mate!!!!

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Roxanne Bello, said...

I love his work :-)
Glad you are having such a great time out there and meeting such interesting people!



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