Friday, August 01, 2008

Designing To Keep This Green.

Throughout time I’ve learned the importance of a graphic designer’s role. I’ve erased the silly conception of Graphic Designers being people who sit in front of a computer, make a cool designs and get paid for it. The Graphic Designer holds the power of creating visual communication. We usually use it to satisfy our clients needs, which results in advertising, but what if we used visual communication for something more constructive? The people at SitePoint know thought of this and they tell us how it can be done by thinking in green. I hope that reading this article will prompt you, as a designer, to aid the global warming issue.


Anonymous said...

hey eso taaa!!.

Emilio Bello said...

Gracias por pasar por aquí!!

Sigue viniendo.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, we who have the knowledge and the skill to communicate trough clear concepts made visual, should not simply stay put on designing for self gain, and instead look beyond, glimpse and send ideas from and for the future global common well. We must keep this kind of work UP.



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