Friday, February 13, 2009

Sketchbook for web designers.

A cool idea for web designers and developers.

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Recently I saw one cool sketchbook for designing web site mockups. The problem was I couldn't find out how to order one copy. The idea of that sketchbook was to simulate web browser on paper. So I decided to build one.

First problem that we encounter when we are building web browser on paper is - what size should it be? We have monitors with different size. And we also have different paper formats A4, A3... First thing I did is to compare the most common A4 format with my 15' laptop. And i realized that A4 (210x297mm) width is actually my laptop monitor height or 210mm. A4 is perfect for building our sketchbook because it fits perfectly on monitor and is most used paper format.

What web browser should we simulate? From the ergonomic point of view I prefer Chrome or Safari. My final decision is Safari, because it is gray and it is perfect for B/W printers.
Ok, we have Safari on A4 paper and we can print B/W.

In PSD file you will find everything you need.
Don't forget to set landscape when you print.

More of this sketchbooks here.

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