Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alex Guofeng Cao

Alex Guofeng Cao is inspired by photographers such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Edward Weston, and Robert Mapplethorpe, and the forms and proportions of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman eras. This combination has led to a method of creation that is a process of encoding and layering information of the times using the subtle tones available between deep black and bright white.

Cao offers remarkable, large scale photographs that are made up of tiny pictures, generally paired to create a relationship to the overall image. These iconic images examine the cult of celebrity and are easily discernable across the entire social spectrum. These works made for sell out shows in Miami, and a return to New York for a solo exhibit, DECOMPOSE/RECOMPOSE: RESURRECT, at Stux Gallery.

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For me, these works are reflections on the way that history itself develops, and a way to open up a dialogue between the new digital techniques and photography’s original analogue techniques” - Alex Guofeng Cao

These large iconic images that make up Cao’s solo show, Legend, have seen the walls of LA Art Show, Photo LA, and London Art Fair this year, and were well received at Photo Miami in 2009. This series is currently on view at ChinaSquare Gallery in New York. At this time, Cao has exhibited worldwide and his work is held in many prominent collections.

Ultimately, viewers are left to drawn their own conclusions as to how everything is connected, yet his technique begins to question the history of photography –where it is going and where this man fits in- until again distracted by celebrity presented, and the relationship he is boldly creating by images made of images.

Cao currently resides in Manhattan, with upcoming shows coming up in Los Angeles, Paris and London. For more information about his recent series, bookmark

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